Our Services

Design & Installation

Crossfield Plant Interiors will provide exceptional and unique designs for new buildings or refurbish and transform an existing plant scape. Our highly qualified staff use innovative and practical designs to create a professional image for your company. Our designer will work with you to determine your main plant design objectives such as: air purification, beautification, sound diffusion or privacy screens. We will recommend hardy plant species suited to the light levels and space availability in your facility that will also be cost effective. Our professional staff will install your plants and trees in a clean, unobtrusive and efficient manner. Our staff are available to deliver your order on time and in perfect condition.

Allow us to give your mall, office or home an inexpensive but updated look. High quality, acclimatized and disease-free plants and planters can be purchased or rented at reasonable prices. Countless varieties of hanging, desk and floor plants, or trees can be delivered directly to your premises and installed by members of our staff. Crossfield Plant Interiors offers a wide range of custom colours, shapes and sizes of planters to suit any décor or budget. Assorted seasonal potted flowers can be delivered on a regular basis to your premises to brighten your lobby, reception or executive areas.

We service the GTA, Hamilton West, Oshawa East & Barrie.

Crossfield Plant Interiors will exchange and replace all plants within the first 2-3 weeks after delivery.