Interior Landscaping

Crossfield Plant Interiors offers interior landscaping that brightens and opens up the indoor environment. We design, install and service a wide range of indoor plants and maintenance. Our plant technicians are experienced in providing a design plan that fits your space and budget. Here at Crossfield Plant Interiors we aim to add life to the dark corners of offices and provide a professional look to any space.


Crossfield Plant Interiors offers services for interior plant maintenance. We guarantee excellent plant maintenance by a skilled plant technician. We offer maintenance services on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Our highly skilled plant technicians preform the following tasks:

¨ Irrigation of plant material

¨ Cleaning & buffing of leaves

¨ Rotation of plants to maintain symmetrical appearance

¨ Application of organic fertilizers

¨ Treatment of plant pests

¨ Soil cultivation & debris removal from planters

¨ Trimming and removal of dead leaves

¨ Shaping & pruning of large trees

¨ Staking of plants

¨ Propagation of existing plants

¨ Cleaning containers and artificial plants

At Crossfield Plant Interiors we offer a guarantee on plants that we maintain. If a plant dies due to our negligence, we will replace the plant at no charge (delivery fee may apply).

Live plants

At Crossfield Plant Interiors, we offer a wide range of live plants that suit your needs. We have plants that can be provided with pots of various shapes, sizes and colours.

We also provide tropical plants! Our tropical plants are high quality, acclimatized and disease-free. These plants and planters can be purchased or rented at reasonable prices.

Countless varieties of hanging, desk and floor plants, or trees can be delivered directly to your premises and installed by members of our staff.

Specimen Trees can be ordered as a custom order. We personally select up to 30 ft. trees in Florida and have them placed in a shade house, so they will fully acclimate before we transport them to the client site.

ARTIFICIAL Plants & Trees

Custom built plants and trees on real wood trunks can be ordered to your designers exact specifications including the height, the leaf count, and the type of wood you prefer.